About Us

The Short

Search Embassy was created by David Krug. He’s been a thought leader in the technology space for over 20 years. He was a pioneer in the blogging space and was formerly an owner in a number of new media publications and blogging news websites covering topics such as WordPress and other CMS tools. His specialty over the years has been technical SEO and optimizing content using powerful search tools to rank higher in Google.


The Long

SearchEmbassy.com was created when a number of our clients from PressTitan, our WordPress Support Agency began requesting content marketing, SEO, and link building.

At that same time we hired a number of team members of a content agency that we regularly supported, as well as bringing on-board a number of link building specialists and experts in analysis and psychology to the team.

Our Team

Malcolm Peralty – Technology

Uli Tewes – Analyst

Branden Passwaters – Editor

Gerri Turner – Editor

Katie Plato – Education Editor

Matt Bryant – Link Builder

Eleni Calibat – Design

Our Services

Content Marketing / Content Creation / Penalty Recovery / Link Building / Full Service SEO Management / White Label SEO for Partners

Select Clients

PressTitan / InfographicWorld / CollegeChoice / TheBestSchools / CollegeConsensus / Prolifics / ApparelMagic / DecorJunky / Tapestry Galaxy